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Many children are not good at answering questions that belong to a text. This can have several causes. You can read most of them in the blog.

I give tutoring in reading comprehension for children in group 7 and/or 8 of primary school.

2 children who read comprehension themselves
older child who reads himself

Increase your child’s reading skills

You have the following choice to help your child understand reading comprehension better

Tutor your child yourself
Use the tips on this website
Find a student to come to your home
Book a tutoring at my office

What I pay attention to in a reading comprehension lesson

Your son does the reading exercise himself. I watch and analyze where your child encounters possible obstacles to arrive at the right answers. Some examples where obstacles can be:

There are many possibilities why your child does not arrive at the correct answers when reading comprehension:

Your child does not understand many words
Your child does not understand a saying
Your child does not understand the months of the year
Your Child Doesn’t Understand When Christmas Comes
Your child is impatient and prefers to guess the answer

I am straightforward and give your child more confidence by explaining where things are going wrong and how they can be improved next time.

You can read the blog posts in detail how you can help your child yourself. Good luck.

Tutoring is already possible per lesson

Each lesson lasts 45 minutes. This is the time your child needs to read 1 practice text and to answer the questions.

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tutoring – reading comprehension

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