1 lesson reading comprehension

 25,00 incl. btw

The lesson lasts about 30 – 40 minutes. 1 text is practiced so that your child can determine whether it is useful to him/her. You can stick with this lesson so you can see what’s happening as well.

With the practical reading of difficult Dutch texts
Your child finds the answers in the text
Is it going to gamble less
And develops it a better Dutch word knowledge
Making less mistakes, increases your child's self-confidence

Reading Comprehension - 4 different prices

There are 4 packages to choose from

2 children who read comprehension themselves

Below you can directly order your tutoring package + record appointments

While going through, you can immediately record all dates that belong to a package. For example, if you order 5 tutoring lessons, you will also immediately select 5 date/times.

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