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My name is Gilles van der Meij (1964) and I have a VWO, an HTS diploma as a marine engineer, a HBO+ year for my captain’s papers. I later followed the LOI training to become a web designer.

What I do as a trainer

During my pre-university education I was a korfball trainer for years
During my HTS I gave sailing lessons
During my HTS I taught mathematics to havo 5 students
At sea I supervised students with their internship
Now I give WordPress training to entrepreneurs

You might remember the Ever Green containership that got stuck in the newscast’s Suez Canal in the spring of 2021? I was 1st mate on such ships.

After my maritime past I followed a LOI training and became a web designer. Now I design websites for entrepreneurs in Delft.

I think that most children will explain a text better if they practice it 1 on 1. Simply because many children themselves do not know what is going wrong. Let alone that they can put it into words for their teacher.

If you think I can help your child to a higher reading level, make an appointment. You can start with a trial lesson. During this lesson you can watch how I help your child.

A lesson lasts about 30 to 40 minutes, depending on how fast your child reads.

office Leesdit
office LeesDit (yourself) in Delft

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