Is my child nearsighted?

Near sighted test

It may sound simple, but reading comprehension actually starts with good vision. Or a sharp image.

I found out about this with a student who read the text with a bit of a stutter. Some words were changed into words that resembled them. For example, Christmas became a fair.

A quarter of 13-year-olds are nearsighted

So there is a good chance that your child of 10, 11 or 12 is also becoming nearsighted without you or the child noticing.

Quick test on computer (or phone)

Do you have a laptop or computer? Then put it to the test. Enlarge the letters on the screen and then listen to see if your child’s reading improves. If it improves, see a doctor (or optician).

Enlarging and reducing text on computers

Windows +Simultaneously press “Ctrl” and “+” to enlarge text
Windows – Simultaneously press “Ctrl” and “” to enlarge text
Apple + Simultaneously press “cmd” and “+” to enlarge text
Apple – Simultaneously press “cmd” and “” to enlarge text

Eye test online

There is a lot to be found about eye tests online. I tested this one for you: There 8 things are briefly tested in a few minutes

  • Sharpness
  • Contrast
  • Field of view
  • Blind spots
  • Eye problems
  • Extra risico
  • How well do you see
  • Color blindness

The test is better than my quick computer test ­čÖé But you have to provide your email address.

Adv. reading comprehension

Group 7 elementary school

Group 8 elementary school

Media and warning about myopia

It was already mentioned above that 25% of the first graders are shortsighted. But once they’re 20, it’s already 50%. That’s worrying.

Half of people in their twenties are nearsighted

Reading starts with seeing clearly

A child who cannot see clearly guesses the words. Children are known for their imagination. But with a few misspelled words, the story in the child’s head can already be changed.

If your child is a little worse with reading. Then test her or his eyes.

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