Tutoring gives your child more self-confidence

tutoring gives confidence

Tutoring gives your child more self-confidence is a rather bold statement. Why? I try to describe this simply below.

The word self confidence says it all. You have confidence in yourself. One more than the other.

We all have things that we are not very good at. For adults, for example, remodeling a shower room can be a little farfetched. If you’re going to do it yourself, then you probably won’t start with much confidence. If you are a contractor and you have already renovated 5 shower rooms then you will feel a lot more confident in the next project.

This self-confidence did not come naturally to the contractor either. Because of his education, even at the first shower, his confidence may have been as low as 40%. But he had to solve many problems during the renovation of the first shower. He no longer has many of those problems with the 2nd project. His confidence may have increased to 70%.

During the first project, the contractor still looked worried. Called many friends to find a solution. Slept a little worse. But after his first successful project, a pride came over the man. The 2nd project he walked around a lot happier. And since the 5th project, the work is over. And he even gets energy from a new project.

All beginnings are hard

Just like with the contractor, it is also difficult for many children to treat their first text properly, for example. The approach of reading, the approach of seeking the answers. Just like with the contractor, it is difficult for your child to figure it out on his own. And a child who is a bit shy will not quickly ask for help from his teacher. And if you ask what the problem is, he won’t be able to tell you.

My objective in a lesson is to offer solutions. A problem that your child encounters in reading a text comprehension will usually surface automatically if a text is practiced 1 on 1.

It’s okay to make a mistake

No one is flawless. And with reading comprehension it is quite normal that you come across 2 answers that you think. Hmm, it’s not literally there. What did the author mean by this question? What kind of answer would be the right one?

Your child is not the only one who encounters these kinds of questions. I have also. If I’m wrong, I always think: well, the writer is only human. Your child will also learn from my mistakes. If only that making mistakes is not a bad thing.

Adv. reading comprehension

Group 7 elementary school

Group 8 elementary school

Getting compliments helps build self-confidence.

The tutoring is serious and my compliment skill is always minimal. However, I always give a token of appreciation if your child finds a good answer. Or if she manages to approach the text in a calm, structured way.

Giving compliments helps build your child’s self-confidence. With a compliment he has solved a problem and pride will increase.

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