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Every child has to deal with the subject of reading comprehension in primary school. And schools think this is so important that, along with math, it’s actually the main components of high school choice. Why is understanding a text important? I explain that below.

The subject reading comprehension together with arithmetic determines the choice of secondary school. But that is of course not the ultimate reason to master the understanding of a text. In daily life you receive many letters from the municipality, from the state and from the tax authorities. You will also have to deal with all kinds of contracts. For example, if you buy or rent a house. When you go to the notary.

Distinguishing fact or opinion in a text

All these letters and contracts are full of woolly text or references (this is a fact). It is therefore useful for your daily life if you can check the links (this is an opinion). Then you can see if you are not paying too much for a service on the spot or if you are being scammed (this is a fact). By the way, this border is getting thinner (this is an opinion).

You see that a small piece of text often already contains opinions. For example, if you read the newspaper or watch the news, you will see a few facts which are covered with opinions. The different newspapers have different audiences. Why do you think that would be? After all, facts are facts.

In the reading comprehension course, attention is paid to the differences. It is not always clear. And different types of people can discuss what is a fact and what is an opinion. That a banana tastes best when it turns yellow, is that a fact or an opinion? Maybe you always think a banana is dirty. Or maybe you prefer an almost ripe banana.

Reading comprehension and math

School sums are not always straightforward. In primary school, for example, stories are written down from which the student has to distil the numbers. After which he can make the sum. In high school physics, this only gets worse. Reading comprehension also influences how good you are in other subjects.

But you also come across examples in everyday life. With the current housing market, real estate agents are very popular. They like to distinguish themselves with quality or with amounts. For example, a broker usually tells his price without VAT. You can consider this a scam on the broker’s part or a poor understanding of numbers on your own. He must legally state once that the stated price is without VAT. To give an easy calculation example:

A nice broker comes to you and tells you that the prices he mentions are without VAT. He asks 1% of the determined market value of your house. If the house is sold above market value, the broker asks for 8% of this equity. In addition, a photo session is important for the quick sale. This is an extra service that he has made by a professional photographer for 440 euros. You like it and you agree. The broker will send you a contact. After some reading you see that the brochures cost 100 euros per 20 pieces. That a floor plan will be made for 200 euros and that the placement in Funda is 50 euros per month. By the way, the broker tells you during the conversation that selling quickly is important, otherwise you will miss the equity. So it is better if the house is marketed a little low for 3 tons. After a week the real estate agent calls you to collect some houses for a big advertisement. Such an advertisement is only 150 euros at a time. You choose to participate twice.

You invited a second broker. This asks 5500 euros incl. VAT. all in.

A third broker gives you a price of 1.5% of the sale price ex. VAT.

Fortunately, your house will be sold for 350,000 after 1 month. You are happy with the high selling price and after another 2 months you will receive the settlement from the notary. What do you think you would pay the different brokers?

1st broker: 3000 (1%) + 440 (photographer) + 100 (20 brochures) + 200 (floor plan) + 4000 (equivalent value) + 50 (Funda 1 month) + 300 (advertisements) = 9788.90 incl. VAT

2nd broker: 5500 euros

3rd broker 6352.50 euros

The next answer is if you had sold your house for the asking price of 300 K

1st broker: 4948.90 euros

2nd broker: 5500 euros

3rd broker: 5445 euros

Mathematics and reading comprehension. It is often presented as a puzzle. You also come across this kind of calculations at many companies. A good example is the telephone that is included in your subscription. Today, that must be clearly communicated, but that was not the case until 2 years ago.

Adv. reading comprehension

Group 7 elementary school

Group 8 elementary school

So why is understanding a text important in your daily life?

How important is the choice of your broker or the telephone company? How important is comparing an energy contract? Or how important do you think you understand a letter from the municipality or tax. Do you understand what they write or do you put it aside because you see an amount.

Reading a book gives you a better word understanding. This is easy for the rest of your life. If your child does not feel like this, a number of reading comprehension lessons will help your child.

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